Dear Retail CEOs

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Dear Retail CEOs,

Apathy is the killer. The groundhog day moment of post Christmas retailers naval gazing and wringing of hands, explaining poor sales performance is almost as depressing as the omnipresent 75% markdowns screaming for attention. After reading so many reports of “unexpected share plunge following disappointing Christmas sales” the words begin to blur and the name of the actual retailer could be a cut and paste job.

Have we actually read one, just one CEO, owning up with “ we just screwed up, we got it wrong again. Our customers just didn’t want to part with their cash when faced with a sea of averageness and not even a nod to shopper experience. And I don’t blame them. I should sack myself.”

Instead we are served up with the usual rhetoric about “heavy competition” – it’s called a high street for a reason – not being premium enough, being too premium, promises to cut costs……

OK enough bashing, what’s the answer then? Ask any of your shoppers leaving your store what they feel about the time spent there and invariably they will shrug and mutter “ok, bit crap, I dunno”. Is the retail experience they have had a bombardment of disparate, disjointed brands and microscopic customer service where apathy is ruling the day?

Retailers that triumph will have successfully created a unifying brand experience, that pulls the whole story together in a meaningful and authentic way. You can create as many dizzy plans and random acts of activation as you like around the board room, but fail to create a powerful unifying brand experience and you will be using the same excuses this time next year. Or maybe someone wearing your recently vacated size 10’s will.

BRAND LOVE knows that customers hold the key to a retailers brilliance. And we know how to make your customers fall in love with you. And stay in love.

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